Guidelines for all Altaristas (altar artists) 


Dia de los Muertos is a unique and transformative community event. We are grateful for your collaboration and creativity. Making an altar for a loved one that has passed away can be a cathartic and healing experience that honours both the celebration of life and the grieving of death. 


Community Altar:

There will be a space for the community altar to take place throughout the event. All are welcome to bring flowers, photos, images, and art work relating to the loved ones, or people you would like to pay tribute to. Ex: Family, friends, veterans, historical figures, anyone that has died. 


Personal Altar:

If you would like to create a personal altar please contact us at to confirm your space. SET UP: Begins at 8AM November 2st, 2018 at 588 Division Street - Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

If you would like to show up with items to add to the community altar, you are more than welcome to!

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